About MATSim

Agent-Based Transport Simulations

MATSim provides a framework to implement large-scale agent-based transport simulations. The framework consists of severel modules which can be combined or used stand-alone. Modules can be replaced by own implementations to test single aspects of your own work. Currently, MATSim offers a framework for demand-modeling, agent-based mobility-simulation (traffic flow simulation), re-planning, a controler to iteratively run simulations as well as methods to analyze the output generated by the modules.

Key Features of MATSim

  Fast Dynamic and Agent-Based Traffic Simulation
Simulate whole days within minutes
  Private and Public Traffic
Both private cars and transit traffic can be simulated
  Supports Large Scenarios
MATSim can simulate millions of agents or huge, detailed networks
  Versatile Analyses and Simulation Output
E.g. compare simulated data to real-world counting stations
  Modular Approach
Easily extended with your own algorithms
  Open Source
You get the Java Source Code, which runs on all major operating systems
  Active Development
The international MATSim community constantly adds new features and improves current ones

Start using MATSim

To learn more, look at the documentation or at the scenarios to see how others use MATSim.