New Release "Spring 2013" available!

I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of the latest release of MATSim!

Just in time for the tutorial starting tomorrow in Berlin, the MATSim community polished all the latest features and improvements for this new release of MATSim. The core itself changed mostly in the insides: we cleaned up the code, simplified it where possible, and added javadoc where necessary. The few changes of the core reflect the mature code base MATSim has evolved to and the stability of it's main functionality.

Newer functionality is available in the form of Extensions, which we released last year for the first time. For this year, we're happy to have even more extensions available with great new functionality.

Go on and download the release or have a look at the extensions!

MATSim @ TRB 2013

As in previous years, several MATSim developers and users attend the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington and present their work. Use the opportunity to meet them in person!

The following posters and presentations are currently known. If you know of others, send me (rieser [at] senozon {dot} com) the necessary information and I will add it to the list.

  • Rashid Waraich, Christoph Dobler, Claude Weis, Kay W. Axhausen:
    Optimizing Parking Prices Using Agent-Based Approach (Paper 13-5304)
    Session 294
  • Christoffel Venter, Johan W. Joubert:
    Using multi-source GPS data to characterize multiday driving patterns and fuel use in a large city region (Paper 13-1033)
    Session 299. Monday, January 14, 10:45am - 12:30pm. Hilton, International Centre, Posterboard H01.
  • Thibaut Dubernet, Nadine Rieser-Schüssler, Kay W. Axhausen:
    Using a Multi-agent Simulation Tool to Estimate the Carpooling Potential (Paper 13-0866)
    Session 559. Tuesday, Januar 15, 10:45am-12:30pm. Hilton, International Center, Posterboard B04.
  • Jiamei Wang, Lun Zhang, Qian Rao, Wenchen Yang:
    Large-Scale Agent-Based Transport Simulation in Shanghai, China (Paper 13-4405)
    Session 609
  • Pieter Fourie, Johannes Illenberger, Kai Nagel:
    A Multi-Model Approach To Large-Scale Multiagent Transport Simulation (Paper 13-3631)
    Session 736. Wednesday, January 16, 08:30am - 10:15am. Hilton, International Center.
  • Sune Momsen, Johan W. Joubert:
    Introducing Shopping and Leisure Facilities: Study on Agent-Based Transport Modeling in South Africa (Paper 13-4621)
    Session 736. Wednesday, January 16, 08:30am - 10:15am. Hilton, International Center. Posterboard E07.

Note: this list will be continuously updated with additional dates once they are known to me.

Release Spring 2012 available

The newest release of MATSim ("Spring 2012") is now officially available.

We've updated several components of MATSim to improve speed and memory consumption as well as the stability of MATSim. But the best features are for once not in the MATSim release itself, but it its extensions. Along the main MATSim jar file, we also released MATSim Extensions for the first time. Extensions offer additional functionality not used by everybody, or more specialiced functionality that the core team cannot (yet?) guarantee to maintain.

Examples of extensions are include functionality to graphically edit road networks, or to convert transit schedule data from GTFS to the MATSim format. Have a look at the list of extensions and learn more about them.