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MATSim 0.10.0

Like every year, we have performed a (pre)release (MATSim 0.10.0).

What next:

  • Bug fixing can happen on branch 0.10.x and we can do further 0.10.x releases if required. Any development which is done on v0.10.x should, of course, also be merged into master.
  • If you can, please switch your non-playground code dependencies to this release version. If you cannot, remember to switch them to 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT.

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Extended Call for Abstracts: MATSim User Meeting 2018 in Atlanta, GA, USA

Dear MATSim users and developers,

we are pleased to inform you that, in addition to the papers submitted to the ITM conference, we are now directly accepting short abstracts for presentation at our user meeting, to be held on 23 June, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. That is the Saturday before the Transportation Research Board’s bi-annual “Innovations in Travel Modeling” conference, which is June 24-27, 2018.

Submissions for the User Meeting should take the form of an abstract (< 1000 words), and...
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