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MATSim Q&A has moved to Github. To post your MATSim question on Github, please follow the following link: MATSim Q&A on Github

MATSim is an open-source framework for implementing large-scale agent-based transport simulations.


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MATSim Newsletter

After a few years of MATSim Community reports, we decided to try out a new format to keep the community up-to-date with information about MATSim and recent developments. For this, we created a mailing-list which will deliver the latest and greatest about MATSim every second month right to your inbox. Please head over to the MATSim documentation page, scroll all the way down, and subscribe to the Newsletter mailing list! The first newsletter will be...
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MATSim Q&A has moved to Github

We are now using "Github Issues" for MATSim questions and answers. To post a question about MATSim, or to find answers that others have posted, please follow the following link:

MATSim Q&A on Github

The former Confluence Q&A site that was hosted here on matsim.atlassian.net has been shut off. All discussions are archived on the Github wiki; you can see those archived discussions at:


Note that Github Wiki doesn't support page attachments, so there are no...
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Facility<Abc> ➝ Facility

We have reduced the signature of the Facility interface as shown in the title line. Reason was that it led to ugly code of the type Facility<? extends Facility<? extends ... häh?>>, and it was rather difficult to get that correct and typesafe.

The reason behind that was that Facility extended Identifiable, which is typed in the type of objects it identifies, e.g. Identifiable<Person>, leading to Id<Person>. Now in this case the container(s) are not at the level of Facility, but...
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Post-Graduate Internship at SBB

The travel modeling team at Swiss Federal Railways (www.sbb.ch) has an opening for a 6-month internship.

The position is for students who have graduated with a master degree (or are about to do so) and want to take a dive into real-world travel modeling.

The responsibilities will consist of assignments in model development, from parameter calibration over input data processing to programming.

Besides an interest in public transport, the candidate should bring a subset of the following qualifications: data...
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