Ph.D. position

posted by Johan W. Joubert on April 27, 2023

Ph.D. scholarship using MATSim in urban freight

The KU Leuven Institute for Mobility has a funded scholarship opening for a full-time four-year Ph.D. to do state-of-the-art research in urban freight modeling using agent-based simulation. As cities grow and authorities aim to densify the urban core, the demand for goods and services and the amount of waste and recyclables generated also densify. The research you will be doing aims to develop and evaluate innovative solutions that capture the behaviorally rich and dynamic interactions between the different urban freight stakeholders who all share the same road space: the businesses involved in producing, shipping, carrying, and receiving the goods, the city authorities, and the community at large.

The Ph.D. project will build on prior work we’ve done in MATSim in this field. You can find more information about the scholarship and the link for applications on the formal KU Leuven posting.

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2023. For further queries, contact Johan W. Joubert.