MATSim Association

The MATSim Association was founded by users and developers of the open-source software MATSim.

The association has among others the following goals and tasks:

  1. Maintenance and further development of the open-source software MATSim.
  2. Conduct and preparation of regular meetings, such as annual user meetings for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the worldwide users, or events targeted at the developer community.
  3. Production and selling of commercial licenses.
  4. Representation of the software in relevant industry and regulatory groups and bodies.

The association was founded in September 2022.

The association is currently looking for potential members of the MATSim Association and people interested working in the board. Details about membership types and fees will be determined in the coming weeks and will be announced here.

If you are interested, either in becoming a member or working in the board, please contact us!


Articles of Association (english & german) (PDF)


You can reach the association by sending an email to association [AT] matsim [DOT] org.

The postal address is:

MATSim Association
c/o Simunto GmbH
Gubelstrasse 28
8050 Zurich