Data in the Source Reporsitory

Some questions occurred about committing data to the MATSim project. To clarify what kind of data is allowed to commit and where to put it, here a short guideline:

  1. Only commit source files in src and its subdirectories. Do not commit any data files under src!

  2. If you need to use data during the development and you want to keep that data on a save place, please use internal storages of you institution (e.g. internal SVN/Git repositories, internal shared folders, etc.)

  3. When you write JUnit test cases under test/src, you are allowed to add required data to test/input or test/scenario. Then please follow the following constraints:

    • Use—if possible—already existing scenario data sets in test/scenario.

    • Add only small data sets (some KBytes to max. 2 MBytes) to test/input or test/scenario. Note that bigger files may be compressed with gzip since MATSim supports reading and writing gzipped files with and IOUtils.getBufferedWriter() respectively.

    • Use artificial or falsified data in test cases and put them under test/input or test/scenario.