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Reads a list of pt stops and constructs pt routes using the stops nearest to origin and destination. Travel times and travel distances between pt stops can be given by corresponding matrices.
Availability Contrib
Status Unknown
Maintainer currently unmaintained
API Documentation Unknown
User Documentation In some places, this module does not function like someone trained in transport engineering may think. For example, (1) It does not work without pt stops, although intuitively routing from zone to zone should be possible even without pt stops.(2) It uses the nearest pt stops rather than the multi-node Dijkstra that is used in matsim schedule-based transit, which in general looks into more than one pt stop. This would useful since walking to a somewhat farther away stop might lead to a much better connection. (3) It can currently only read distances and travel times between pt stops, although in general it should be possible to include fare or number of line switches. (4) The result does not depend on the time-of-day.