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The networkEditor allows the editing of networks, creating networks from OpenStreetMap data, and exporting networks to Shape files. The editor also allows to edit counts data referenced to the network.
Availability Contrib
Status Unknown
Maintainer Marcel Rieser, Daniel Ampuero
API Documentation See Javadoc overview page
User Documentation The networkEditor extension provides basic network and counts editing functionality. The editor can load an existing MATSim network, or extract the network from OpenStreetMap data. The network can be saved as MATSim network, or be exported as ESRI Shape file, used by many GIS applications. For editing, links and nodes can be inserted and deleted, links' attributes can be changed (e.g. free speed, capacity), and links can be splitted into multiple segments. In addition, the network editor also supports working with data from counting stations. An existing counts file can be loaded along a network, and the count values can be edited, or additional counting stations can be created.