MATSim Extensions

MATSim offers several extensions which enhance the functionality with additional features. The following list gives an overview of the currently available extensions.

To use an extension, you can either download the latest stable and tested release of the extension, or download a (probably) unstable and untested nightly build of the extension.

Please note that these extensions are usually maintained and provided by single members of the community. The MATSim core development team cannot make any guarantee that these extensions will be kept up-to-date and compatible with future releases, but the maintainers themselves are responsible for this task.

If you want to contribute an extension, please see here.

Availability: Main Distribution

analysis MATSim Team Provides the basic analysis components such as leg histogram charts.
counts Andreas Horni Creating automatic comparisons between simulated and counted volumes
facilities MATSim Team Container to further specify activity locations, particularly comfortable for opening hours.
households MATSim Team Container to specify household attributes such as household income.
jaxb Dominik Grether This package contains only classes automatically generated by the java api for xml binding (JAXB).
lanes Dominik Grether This package contains classes to add lanes to links. A link may contain one or more lanes.
matrices Marcel Rieser, Michael Balmer This package provides matrices to be used as OD matrices for example.
pt Marcel Rieser Simulation of public transport.
run Marcel Rieser This package contains classes that can directly be started from the command line and that do something useful.
utils MATSim Team This package provides utility classes with (hopefully) helpful methods.
vehicles MATSim Team
vis MATSim Team
visum Marcel Rieser Readers and Writers for Matrices from/to PTV Visum
withinday Christoph Dobler Run within day replanning

Availability: External

bdiintegration Lin Padgham, Dhirendra Singh A package that integrates several BDI (belief-desire-intention) frameworks (such as JACK or Jadex) with several agent-based modelling frameworks (such as Repast, Simphony, and MATSim).
evacuation-gui Gregor Lämmel Adopts integrated approach for performing evacuation simulations. Replaces the "evacuation contrib" starting with release 0.10.x.
freightChainsFromTravelDiaries unmaintained Generate freight chains from travel diaries, specifically the German survey "KiD". Code used by Sebastian Schneider for his dissertation.
GTFS2MATSim Michael Zilske Another package to convert GTFS (google transit feed specification) data into a MATSim transit schedule.
GTFS2TransitSchedule Sergio Ordonez See under "gtfs2matsimtransitschedule" for more information.
josm-plugin Nico Kühnel, Michael Zilske A plug-in for JOSM, the OpenStreetMap editor, to save OSM data in the MATSim format.
Opdyts Amit Agarwal Provides integration of Opdyts with MATSim
Via Simunto GmbH Via is a stand-alone application that allows to visualize and analyze MATSim data as well as generic spatial and temporal data sets. Being a commercial software developed and distributed by Simunto, the application is not open source as the rest of MATSim. A limited, free version is available.

Availability: Contrib

The separate entries for the contribs are no longer maintained. Please see our Javadoc page.

For maintainers: Please use src/main/javadoc/overview.html inside your contrib for an introductory description of your contrib. See, e.g., the emissions contrib for an example.