Seoul, South Korea

The MATSim model of Seoul Metropolitan was developed in 2012 as a result of long-term research collaboration between the University of Seoul (Prof. Seungjae Lee) & ETH Zürich (Prof. Kay W. Axhausen), with additional support from Senozon. The model is updated on a yearly basis and the demand is generated based on 2012 Household Travel Survey Data (HHTSD).

The study area covers the Seoul Metropolitan Area. A population synthesizer was developed to generate the MATSim input demand, based on HHTS 2012. Total population of SMA is 21.5 million; therefore, a 10% sample was generated and simulated (2.15 million agents). A detailed network of nodes and links was generated capturing all the details (16 384 nodes and 32 768 links) for railways, highways, arterials, pedestrians, expressways and bus-only lanes.

A more detailed description of the scenario can be found in the MATSim book.