The future cities laboratory (FCL) was established by ETH Zurich and Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF). The FCL is a transdisciplinary research centre focused on urban sustainability, located in Singapore. As part of the research, a MATSim complete model for Singapore is being built.

The following video shows the simulation output of the second MATSim model for Singapore. The initial demand modeling is based on diverse sources such as the Household Interview Travel Survey shared by Land Transport Authority (LTA), land use information from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), NAVTEQ and diverse web resources. The simulation covers both public and private transport and their interactions.

This video is purely a product of research and has no immediate relevance to policy and planning.

Pieter Fourie is responsible for the demand modeling, Sergio Ordóñez took care of the network modeling, Michael van Eggermond collected the facilities data, Artem Chakirov tested the public transport simulation, Mohit Shah prepared the ERP, traffic count and special trip information and Lijun Sun investigated boarding and alighting process times, all coordinated by Alex Erath. We acknowledge LTA and URA for providing the underlying data and Senozon ( for the visualising software.

Additional videos of the MATSim model for Singapore can be found on FCL’s Vimeo channel.