Open Scenario Data

The following is a list of known scenario data sets that are open and free to use with MATSim. Not all data sets contain all required files to run a MATSim model. Some may only provide a network for example.

Please give credit when using these scenarios.

VSP, TU Berlin

Most of our scenarios are now under Some older open source scenarios are still in our svn directory as follows. The directories are hierarchically organized and should be self-explanatory. We try to provide readme files, but this does not always work:

South Africa

Prof. Johan Joubert from the University of Pretoria has open sourced some of the scenarios he built, each consisting of a network and a population:


An open and reproducible simulation scenario for Île-de-France is available here.

MATSim Test Examples

Some smaller scenarios are directly contained in the MATSim source repository, often used for feature demonstration or tests:

(just a list of links we’ve come across)

A registry of public transit data: .

German rail:


(this is not necessarily “data”, but links to data and links to visualizations often come together and/or cannot be cleanly separated)

Charging stations in Europe: .

TRAVIC Transit Visualization Client or or .